Christmas 2016 News and Greeting

My warmest greetings as we mark Christmas once again -- this is written from my home in Paris, but I am spending Christmas itself on the Breton coast doing a little retreat work over the holiday itself and getting a bit of a rest. Then in January I'll be in North Wales for a full month, again giving a retreat.  If you want a few more Christmas thoughts, you can listen to this panel discussion that has gone out on Radio 4.

Life here continues very happily. I have some new responsibilities in teaching and administration, and continue to travel quite a bit. In particular, the summer saw me twice in Sweden. I had the chance to work a little with spiritual directors from the Lutheran dioceses of Stockholm and Uppsala, and also to see something of the thriving Jesuit parishes and other activities in those two cities. One thinks of Sweden as not very Christian or Catholic -- but I don't think I've ever seen a busier Jesuit parish than the one in central Stockholm

It has been a momentous year politically. I did some serious investigation into becoming a French citizen -- but I discover that thanks to my father's place of birth in Kerry I've actually been an Irish citizen all my life without ever knowing about it. I published a reflection on some of the religious issues at stake here -- it might look a bit different now that the Trump presidency puts Brexit in a wider context.

Please be in touch if you are passing through Paris in 2017