Christmas 2017 News and Greeting

A quick line just to say hello from Paris, where I continue to live very happily, teaching at the Jesuit faculty of theology, otherwise known as the Centre Sèvres.

The role involves my doing a fair bit of travelling. Besides a month in North Wales early in the year, I have managed to get both to Lebanon and to Romania for the first time, as well as more normal trips to Germany, Spain, Italy and the Low Countries.  I also visited Portugal for a brief holiday. The last time I was there was the summer of 1974, when the fascist regime had just been overthrown, I was a mere nineteen, and it seemed as though there was everything to play for. This year I’ve started travelling on an Irish passport, as a precaution against the uncertainties that lie ahead.

         Please do get in touch if you are passing this way.

          A picture after a good dinner in Rome

And here is English Christmas pudding in Paris