Philip Endean's Christmas Greeting 2018

The Magi's Dream
Text: Robert Tear  (traduction française ici)
Music: James Whitbourn
Performance: Westminster Williamson Voices
Images: Rembrandt, Musée de Cluny Salzburg Missal, Arcabas

A quick line just to say hello from Paris, where I continue to live very happily, teaching at the Jesuit faculties of theology and philosophy, otherwise known as the Centre Sèvres.

I keep my role of developing the Centre’s relations in Europe, and this has involved me in regular meetings in different parts of Western Europe. Probably the most important was a worldwide gathering of Jesuit universities in Bilbao during July, which was opened by no less a figure than the King of Spain. I was also able to visit the USA very briefly -- too briefly -- for an ordination in June. This year I've been given a new responsibility as well: overall charge of the masters programme here in Paris. This means learning a new administrative culture. Rather as in Oxford, you only discover what the wrong thing is when you’ve done it – but things seem to be going OK and I am enjoying the challenge. More sadly, 2018 has seen the closure of Heythrop College in London, which was the main focus of my life for about twenty years. I was very pleased to be asked to speak at a splendid final conference.

As I write, British politics is in a distressing shambles. On that much, perhaps all can agree, even if our accounts of how we got here and of what should be done next may be very different. But may our celebration of Christmas this year encourage us to find a sensible solution based on truth, and to begin to overcome the bitter divisions that the Brexit arguments have revealed.

Please do get in touch if you are passing through Paris in 2019.

Below, a group picture with the Masters students -- the topic was 'Male and Female He Created Them ...