ILP: Some Ignatian Resources

An English version of the parts of the Autobiography recounting Ignatius's time at Manresa and Montserrat can be downloaded here. If you want other formats and/or languages, it may be worth talking to Philip or looking in the Manresa library.

On Ignatius as Leader

The sources on Ignatius as leader are of three kinds: biographical, letters and instructions, and the Constitutions. The oral presentation concentrates on the Constitutions.


Letters and Instructions:   The major translations of Ignatius's letters include most of these: :

  • three texts for Broët and Salmerón as papal legates to Ireland (September 1541)
  • to Jesuits at the Council of Trent (1546)
  • to the community at Coimbra (the letter on perfection) (May 7 1547)
  • to Jesuits leaving for Germany (September 24 1549)
  • two letters to Nadal, regarding a plan to deal with the Turks (August 6 1552)
  • to those sent on mission (October 8 1552)
  • to Francis Xavier, recalling him (June 28 1553)
  • to João Nunes Barreto SJ, patriarch of Ethiopia (1555)
The Constitutions