For an introductory overview of the controversy, click here.

The matter is regularly covered in the Pray Tell blog. Particularly valuable is the careful and judicious dissertation by J. Peter Nixon, available here.  There are many Catholic sites promoting the new texts, such as the USCCB’s and the Diocese of Salford’s.  More critical material can be found on ‘What if we just said wait?‘, the Louisville Liturgy Forum, and ‘Misguided Missal’.

For my September 2011 letter in The Tablet, click here.  For my February 2011 article in The Tablet, ‘Sense and Sensitivities’, click here. For my November 2010 Tablet letter, click here.

For an electronic text of my August article in The Tablet, “Worship and Power”, click here. There is an intelligent, wide-ranging and mostly supportive discussion of the issues it raised here. Less favourable reaction can be found here–though some of the commentators, relatively early in the long succession, who have read the full article and comment on it, are more temperate and often sensible. The announcement of Advent 2011 as the introduction date in the US led National Catholic Reporter to publish this piece by the noted psychologist, Eugene Cullen Kennedy.

For the text of the Ordinary as it now stands, click here. The previous version can be found here, and the changes recently introduced have been tablulated here by Fr Anthony Ruff OSB.

For the full text of the 1998 Sacramentary click here, and for the CDW criticisms, click here.

For Archbishop Coleridge’s talk to the Australian National Liturgical Conference, commending the new translation, click here, and for his Pentecost pastoral letter reflecting on the abuse crisis, click here.

For Bishop Taylor’s accounts of the 1998 translation and its fate, click here and here.

For an article by John Wilkins, drawing on Bishop Taylor’s accounts, click here.

For a short introduction to John O’Malley’s reading of Vatican II, see here or listen here — the book is obtainable from here or (in the UK) from here.

For Liturgiam authenticam click here, and for Comme le prévoit, the 1969 document it replaced, click here. For some interesting comment on Liturgiam authenticam, see the work of Peter Jeffery, a historian whose personal liturgical tastes are professedly conservative. A brief extract can be found here; the book may be bought here; readers in academic institutions may be able to access the original articles here, by entering ‘Liturgiam Authenticam’ in the search bar.

For links to other relevant documents, assembled from a standpoint favourable to the new translation, click here.