Rahner Reading Group

Here are a few extra resources that might be of use to a groupe de lecture

Theological Investigations (a complete English translation of the 16 German volumes)
Foundations of Christian Faith  DEU ENG ESP FRA ITA

The general plan for the group is to work through chapters 4-6.

Without prejudice to the group's autonomy about what it does and doesn't do, I have two sets of suggestions.

Background material for chapter 4

Rahner's chapter 4 distils earlier and important material on the theology of grace. You might approach this 
  • through 'Nature and Grace', in TI 4, chapter 7
  • through this chapter from Roger Haight, The Experience and Language of Grace (New York: Paulist Press, 1979), following up his references to TI 1
  • through Endean, pp. 41-49
On the Trinity

A possible path through the Christology chapter
  • pp. 176-177, 192-212, supplemented perhaps by this article of Endean's
  • sections 5 and 6
  • sections 7 and 8, supplemented by TI 16, chapter 13, TI 4, chapter 5
  • sections 9 and 10, supplemented by TI 17, chapter 1, retranslated here
  • section 4, supplemented by TI 4, chapter 9