First a few old things:

https://www.bloomsbury.com/uk/key-words-of-pope-francis-9781472955760/ Anna Abram didn't have time and it was sent to Catherine Sexton last September. When I checked in December she said she had never received it and assumed we had given up (presumably Royal Mail's fault). Now she no longer has time to do it. It's a March 2018 book: do we give up or do I start again with requesting another copy?

forget it

https://scmpress.hymnsam.co.uk/books/9780334056416/preaching-radical-and-orthodox Philip Moller not responding to requests--any alternative suggestions? drop

https://litpress.org/Products/8397/One-in-Christ and https://litpress.org/Products/6312 were offererd to Andrew Cameron Mowat but he doesn't have time. 
I'd like to try someone else -- try Canon Philip Gillespie, rector of the Beda in Rome  pa@bedacollege.com will get his pa. Otherwise, try Simon Jones at Merton.

Did you get sent 
The Forgotten Jesuit of Catholic Modernism: George Tyrrell's Prophetic Theology? You wanted to do it, but the database is unhelpful
No I didn't. I'd say drop it, apart from the fact that I've a memory of there being drama here.

And a lot of new things:

https://www.messenger.ie/product/god-ever-greater-exploring-ignatian-spirituality/ (Paul asked me to get this)
Yes -- I think I asked you too.  Link with Gemma -- and it had better be semi-official. Me. Get it to Farm Street for June 4 if you trust Paul to remember to give them to me.
Yes -- try John Pridmore, and if you think mindfulness below would go with it, so much the better
yes -- Oliver Rafferty at Boston College. Brian O'Leary. 
Peter Tyler on mindfulness. Yes, i think -- maybe ask him. 
https://www.dukeupress.edu/laughing-at-the-devil (for Luke Penkett?)
OK -- and he can have the other thing he is asking for
No -- but tell me to reconsider if you think it looks interesting
yes -- write to kevinjohnalban@gmail.com with my best, and ask him who could do it -- it's a way of giving good publicity to the English Carmelite world. I'd wonder about Ruth Burrows, or Iain Matthew at the Teresianum. 
Four short pamphlets from the Messenger https://www.messenger.ie/product-category/booklets/ (do you find the Messenger's website is broken unless you turn Javascript off, or is it just me?): Finding God in a LeafJourneying in Joy and GladnessPedro ArrupeSaint Patrick. Conceivably review them as an idea, like the Penguin Little Black Classics, but admittedly they don't seem to have a series title or anything..
maybe do a short one all together on both the coffee-table and the series. Even yourself. 
https://www.amazon.co.uk/Making-Space-God-Nicolas-Stebbing/dp/0902834487 A rather fluffy self-published-looking introduction to religious life
ask Gemma if she thinks it's worth if -- if so if she'd like to -- and if yes worth it, no she doesn't want to, ask who else?